Software Developer – Bloomberg L.P.

Prior to graduation from the University of Waterloo, I was hired for a full time position at Bloomberg. When I arrived at Bloomberg I joined the Bloomberg Application Services (BAS) team, which develops Bloomberg’s core microservice platform. BAS infrastructure supports 10,000+ services accessible from 20,000+ machines, and processes 4+ billion requests an hour.

At different points, I ran both the internal infrastructure and core routing framework sub teams within BAS. On the infrastructure sub team, I created continuous integration and delivery system using Jenkins and Python, to package and release 30+ libraries and applications to 20,000+ servers running Linux, Windows, Solaris, and AIX. I planned and managed the work of the 5 engineers on the team.

On the core routing framework, I reduced outages by 50% by leading an effort to address root causes with software and procedure changes. I also developed a feature to automatically migrate persisted requests, to prevent to loss of critical data such as trades and emails. I planned and managed the work of the 5 engineers on the team